A Mano Bianco 2015


GOLD - SWA 2016


This compelling wine combines crisp and clean flavorus with concentration and length. Aromas of ripe pears, orange blossom, white peaches and a whiff of jasmine awaken the senses. Fiano Minutolo gives pure, ripe peach aromas to this blend. Falanghina adds citrus blossom to the nose, and body and minerality to round out the length on the palate. Greco is a wonderful grape that brings structure to the blend.

The A Mano Fiano vineyards are situated in Valle d’Itria, in the heart of Puglia. The valley provides a constant airflow from the Adriatic sea to the warmer interior regions of Puglia. The fresh breezes lower the night time temperatures, encouraging the development of the lovely perfumes in the grapes.  The soils are well-drained on a soft rock base. This wine is made from the Fiano Minutolo clone from Puglia, which resembles Riesling or Viognier, as opposed to the Fiano di Avellino which is used to make the DOC wines from Campania.  The Verdeco grapes are grown in a very old, non-irrigated sandy hillside vineyard.

2015 was a great harvest in Puglia and the grapes reached very good ripeness and richness. Summer was sunny, dry and warm with many days in the mid to upper 30°Cs. Grape set was light, and beautiful, hot weather resulted in the earliest harvest on record. All vineyards gave clean and ripe fruit.

Ripe grapes were pressed and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for 10 weeks. A small portion of the Fiano grapes were dried until the end of October, after which they were pressed and the juice was blended into the wine at the very end of fermentation.

60% Fiano
30% Falanghina
10% Verdeca

12% abv

A Mano Bianco 2015
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  • A Mano Bianco 2015