By Farr Tout Pres Geelong Pinot Noir 2010



A classic By Farr nose, with a beautiful earth driven bouquet of integrated spicy fruit, wholebunch and oak characters. Tout Pres’s signature forest floor character on the palate is complemented by very fine tannins with a super long and fine palate. Even with its power and multi layered flavour profile, the wine is very focused because of the balanced lingering acidity.

From a single vineyard of only one hectare, Tout Pres has three individual soil types, across a 3 sided cirque (an amphitheatre-like valley head) that rises above the other vineyards. Each slope consists of a specific soil type. The largest slope is black volcanic soil over limestone, the second is quartz gravel mixed with red ironstone soil, and the third, an iron strand in grey sandy loam. The clones currently used are 113, 114, 115, 667, 777 and MV6 in this vineyard which the Farr‘s expect to acclimatise and mutate to become the ‘Tout Pres clone‘. It is the most densely planted vineyard on the estate, hence its name "very cosy" at 7500 vines/ hectare.

Cool winds during flowering and an average spring rainfall followed by a warm dry finish to the season resulted in slightly below average cropping levels, yet high quality grapes on small, open bunches. Perhaps some of the best fruit thus far from the maturing vines; harvest began a week to 10 days earlier than usual. Tout Pres parcels started being picked on the 22nd of February. Even ripening across all varieties exhibited great flavour, colour and great natural acidity giving freshness to the wine.

The fruit was hand picked and sorted in the vineyard, then 100% whole bunch fermented in an oak fermenter before a 4 day cold soak and then fermenting dry in 12 days using only natural yeast. Pigeage, or pumping over, happened two to three times a day depending on the extraction required. The wine was then placed in 100% new Allier Remond barrels by gravity. Racked by gas after secondary fermentation, then again at 18 months to be bottled. 

13.5% abv


By Farr Tout Pres Geelong Pinot Noir 2010
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  • By Farr Tout Pres Geelong Pinot Noir 2010