Castarede 1979 Vintage Bas Armagnac


 Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2010 de Paris

Top 10 Best Armagnacs,, 14th May 2012
1) Armagnac Castarède Vintage 1979
"A long-on-the-finish eau de vie, which benefits from the addition of colombard grapes along with folle blanche and ugni blanc."



The 1979 has a delicate nose with hints of perfume. It has aromas of fruits like peach and prune. It is extremely long in the mouth with lots of fruit character and a hint of spice.

With more than 175 years of experience, devotion and work, the Castarède family knows how to select the best possible Bas Armagnac grapes in addition to growing its own, on its estates in the region.

40% abv


30% Colombard
20% Folle Blanche
50% Ugni Blanc
Castarede 1979 Vintage Bas Armagnac
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  • Castarede 1979 Vintage Bas Armagnac