Cien y Pico Wine Makers Gallant Bobal 2011






An alluring nose of blackcurrant and blackberry, with lifted dark cherries and spice notes. Rich on the palate with fresh acidity and plum, cherry and blackberry. Very concentrated and pure.

Cien y Pico's vineyards are all located on the Meseta, or 'plateau', of Castila-La-Mancha. With only 300mm of rain per year, the plateau is extremely dry; the deep-rooted old vines thrive in the low vigour soils. The mountains surrounding the Meseta offer protection from the icy winters, while in summer the intense sun at this altitude of nearly 1,000 metres warms and ripens the grapes to perfection. The ancient plantings of Bobal vines survive between rocky outcrops that cover the vineyards, where the soils are made up of limestone rich sedimentary red sand and clay.

Manchuela growers started to harvest early-maturing white varieties as soon as the first two weeks of August in some cases. However, unlike other years, this wasn't due to accelerated ripening in the later stages of the growing season but had more to do with early bud break and no setbacks during the early stages of vine development. Dry conditions resulted in healthy grapes and adequate rainfall during the year meant that vines could withstand the lack of summer rainfall. Fruit quality was good across the board with reports of balanced acidity.

The four winemakers modestly refer to the wine as 'fresh-picked fruit off the vine during harvest with just a little winemaking'. Vinification is very traditional and simple, with very little intervention. Grapes are fermented on their skins for 12 days. The wine is aged in 225 litre barriques for 12 months, 10% new.

14% abv

Cien y Pico Wine Makers Gallant Bobal 2011
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  • Cien y Pico Wine Makers Gallant Bobal 2011