Domaine Cazes Le Canon du Marechal Blanc 2015



The nose is very aromatic, a bouquet of white flowers with grapefruit notes. On the palate, this dry wine reveal a great balance as well as a good, refreshing acidity.

Situated in the sunniest area of France, the vineyards give very ripe grapes. Since farming biodynamically, the vineyards are healthier and the vines are stronger, with longer roots. In addition, there is more freshness and minerality in the wines, important in such a warm region. The name ‘Le Canon du Maréchal’ refers to the famous general, Maréchal Joffre, who was born in Rivesaltes and sold his vineyards to the Cazes family in 1927. The Canon is both a reference to his military background and a reference to the Roussillon saying ‘boire un canon’ (‘to have a drink!’).

The 2015 is a blend of Viognier and two different varieties of Muscat: Muscat d'Alexandrie which gives weight and fruity flavours and Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains which adds finesse. The grapes were harvested in the cooler temperatures at night to ensure the natural freshness was retained. There were 24 hours of skin contact to draw out the aromas and flavour, before a fairly cool fermentation in stainless steel at 18°C.


35% Muscat d`Alexandria
35% Moscato/Muscat 
30% Viognier


12.5 % abv

Domaine Cazes Le Canon du Marechal Blanc 2015
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  • Domaine Cazes Le Canon du Marechal Blanc 2015