Domaine du Chatenoy Menetou Salon 2013



Lively citrus and grassy herb aromas. The palate is medium to light in body, dry and with good limey acidity that magnifies the citrus and mineral characters. Lengthy, clean and absolutely no oak on this 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Menetou is the lesser known of the three towns in the world famous Sauvignon Blanc heartland of the Loire valley. Although Menetou is not as recognisable a name as Sancerre or Pouilly, you will certainly recognise the style of this mineraly, smokey Sauvignon Blanc. Traditionaly made with no oak contact and a temperature controlled, cold fermentation in stainless steel vats.

The innovative Pierre Clément at Châtenoy is one of the region’s top producers both in terms of quality and quantity and his family have been dedicated to expressing the best possible quality for 15 generations. This 60-hectare estate produces elegant, perfumed white wine from Sauvignon Blanc, very similar in style to the wines from neighbouring Sancerre with remarkable citrus and passion fruit character and a refreshing minerality from the Kimmeridgian marl soil.

Oysters, crayfish, lobster and sushi. An excellent choice to drink with a light lunch or starter.

13% abv

Domaine du Chatenoy Menetou Salon 2013
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  • Domaine du Chatenoy Menetou Salon 2013