Fairview Le Beryl Blanc 2014



Intense tropical fruit followed by delicate notes of clove and hints of jasmine blossom on the nose. Lychee and tropical fruit linger on the palate. The mouthfeel is rich and fruity yet well-balanced, with refreshing acidity. The Beryl Blanc will age well but is excellent now.

Fairview La Beryl is a traditional straw dried sweet wine named after Charles Back`s mother. The Chenin Blanc was grown in two vineyards. The first is an untrellised dryland vineyard at the Primo farm in Agter-Paarl and the second is a 33 year old vineyard at Fairview, where the vines are planted in decomposed granite, with koffieklip subsoils.

The Chenin Blanc grapes were hand harvested into small baskets and transferred to a well-ventilated barn where they were laid out on beds of straw to dry for approximately four weeks. During this time, the grapes lost about 75% of their volume, intensifying flavour and sweetness. The grapes were pressed and the juice fermented for six months in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks prior to filtering and bottling.

11.5% abv

50cl bottles

79% Chenin Blanc
21% Moscato/Muscat 


Fairview Le Beryl Blanc 2014
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  • Fairview Le Beryl Blanc 2014