Felsina Berardenga I Sistri Chardonnay 2012



Deep straw yellow. A classic ripe-fruit Chardonnay nose, with a blend of tropical fruit and vanilla and appealing notes of spice. Elegant structure with a fresh acidity and superb finish.

The grapes are grown on vineyards covering 4.72 hectares of Chardonnay vines. The training system used is a simple guyot one, with 8-14 buds per vine, planted at a density of 5,400 per hectare. Cluster thinning takes place in July in order to reduce yields and increase concentration. The vineyards are situated at approximately 370 metres above sea level and face south/southwest. Soils are sandy with alluvial pebbles. Sistra (sistri) were ancient Egyptian musical instruments linked to the cult of Isis, goddess of agriculture and fertility. The instrument, popular with the Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews, consisted of a horseshoe-shaped frame struck by moveable rods, creating a sound very similar to the German Glockenspiel.

The conditions in 2012 were rather changeable. Winter was altogether mild with temperatures above the seasonal average, except for a very few days in February when it snowed heavily and temperatures were remarkably low. A rainy Spring delayed sprouting/budding of the vines and resulted in a slight decrease in yield. June and July registered scarce rainfall. August was hot, but groundwater reserves allowed for an unaffected ripening process. September had good weather throughout, with the right amount of rainfall and noticeable diurnal temperature swings. At harvest time, yield was 10% lower than the previous harvest but grapes were perfectly healthy.

Whole-cluster pressing yielded about 60% free-run must, which was then cold-settled and racked. The must then fermented in small barrels where it remained on the lees until March before blending. After blending it continued to mature until July before bottling.


13.5% abv

Felsina Berardenga I Sistri Chardonnay 2012
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  • Felsina Berardenga I Sistri Chardonnay 2012