Fontanafredda Asti DOCG NV



An aromatic, sparkling wine with notes of musk, sage and honey on the nose and a taste of just picked grapes.

The unique Asti Fontanafredda is an aromatic sparkling wine with an unmistakeable personality that turns every
occasion into a celebration: the ideal companion for a thousand moments of fun and joy. The fragrance of its aroma,
which is typical of the grape-variety, fills this wine with an inviting, sweet nose of musk, sage and honey, and of the flowers of linden, acacia, hawthorn and orange trees, arousing engaging sensations lengthened by a lingering cheery flavour. All its promise is confirmed in the classic goblet: the straw-yellow colour, the fragrant, attractively sweet and well-balanced bouquet, and the taste of just-picked grapes.

 the best-known and most popular sweet Italian D.O.C.G. sparkling wine is made by softly pressing the
whole grapes, and then fining and filtering the must before it is fermented in pressure tanks (Charmat method) at a low temperature.
this is a wine for drinking when it is young in order to appreciate its extraordinary freshness; it is ready for consumption just a few days after bottling on account of the special techniques used in its production.

100% Moscato Bianco.

7% abv

Very sweet in style

Fontanafredda Asti  DOCG NV
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  • Fontanafredda Asti  DOCG NV