Fontanafredda Moscato d Asti Moncucco DOCG 2013



Attractive bright golden yellow in the glass, with an intensely aromatic nose of white petals, ripe peaches and lightly spiced pears. Medium bodied with a delicious honeyed richness of concentrated grapey fruit flavours, delicately balanced with cleansing acidity and a youthfull, lively pettiance that lifts the palate and keeps the wine refreshing and dangerously easy to drink.

the grapes are picked by hand, with a part being pressed immediately on arrival in the winery, while the remainder are de-stemmed before undergoing brief maceration in a heat-controlled tank, where they are kept for around 12 hours at a temperature of 5° C. Very gentle pressing only extracts the free-running juice from the grapes, separating it from the solid parts. The fermentation begins when the temperature arrives at 18° C, and is brought to an end when 3 degrees of alcohol have been reached.
The Moncucco is then stored in steel at a temperature of 0° C for a period of maturation that lasts until the beginning of the following spring. The wine is then transferred into a pressure tank, where its fermentation continues until an alcohol content of 5.5% by vol is reached.

The vineyard’s distinctive qualities are brought out clearly in the wine’s lovely straw-yellow colouring with golden highlights, but above-all in the explosion of aromas that are strongly reminiscent of the smell of the muscat grapes the wine is made from: in particular hints of ripe pear, white peach, honey, locust tree, linden and orange blossom, sage and lemon. Thickness shows mainly on the palate, with a mouth-filling sensation that nicely balances the sharp freshness and remaining pétillant prickle of the fermentation. Highly persistent, it clearly conjures up the light and warmth of
just-picked bunches of ripe muscat grapes.

5.5% abv

50 cl bottle

Sweet in style

Fontanafredda Moscato d Asti Moncucco DOCG 2013
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  • Fontanafredda Moscato d Asti Moncucco DOCG 2013