Lustau Manzanilla Almacenista Pasada Cuevas Jurado



Classic aromas of complex flor and apple on the nose reflected on the palate with savoury, tangy charcters on the finish.


Lustau we pride ourselves in offering the market not only the highest quality sherries, but also the widest range of them. Thus, over forty wines we sell come from wineries in the three cities that form the framework of sherry, which are Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlucar de Barrameda. 
Lustau has winemakers buildings in the first two, while in Sanlúcar is located the warehouse Don Manuel Cuevas Jurado, Storer with which we share a close relationship that goes beyond the professional. This allows us to be the only frame house that sells wines from all of the sherry triangle.

It is in Jerez de la Frontera which concentrates the bulk of the boots-it's like to call in the old American oak barrels for five hundred liters of wine, Lustau. Framed in the center of the town and built in the nineteenth century, the warehouse complex "Los Arcos" consists of more than 20,000 square meters and encloses six aging cellars dating from different periods. 

Initially, each owned by separate companies, with the ups and downs that occurred over time that were passed from hand to hand and finally reach ours.
When acquired in 2001 conducted a thorough restoration, respecting the original architecture than them. In total there were more than three years employees complete the restoration and relocation of the 15,000 shoes from our previous facility in the Plaza of the Cube.
There are wineries in style with high cathedral ceilings up to 14 meters and immaculate floors albero, we water regularly to provide the wines from the best conditions of temperature and humidity. Both factors, along with exquisite care of our foreman and cast aside, make our wine not only the ideal place to raise sherry in the traditional way, as before, but real temples in which to contemplate in all its immensity archways , and stained glass windows while drinking a glass of sherry becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.

In El Puerto de Santa Maria, near the mouth of the river Guadalete and in the heart of the Bay of Cadiz, we raise our renowned Puerto Fino. 
The proximity to the sea favorable moisture conditions ideal for fine wines, allowing optimal development of the yeast "bloom" that covers the surface of these throughout their upbringing. For this reason the fine wines of this city are famous in the framework since time immemorial.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the birthplace of chamomile. The microclimate that give the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and the Atlantic breeze give this wine the saline character and finesse that make it unique. 
Manuel Cuevas Jurado is in charge of raising our boots of this unique wine in old street bodeguita work area. It seems that the passage of time slows down, and enjoy a cup of chamomile in your yard becomes a real pleasure.





Emilio Lustau SA was founded in 1896 by Don José Ruiz-Berdejo.It was a modest beginning: Don José, clerk, grew vines in his estate called Our Lady of Hope, on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera, where the wines stored in his house in the vineyard and then sold to large exporting wineries. In fact it was a storekeeper.

In 1940 his son Don Emilio Lustau Ortega moved the winery to the old district of Santiago, in the old town of Jerez de la Frontera.There, in buildings that were part of the historic Arab wall of the city, business was slowly expanding, even as a stockholder. From 1950 until now, the firm is an exporter of wines from Jerez.

In the '70s the company continued its expansion. First, building new ships hold on the family estate of Our Lady of Hope. Then, from the early '80s under the leadership of Rafael Balao, became one of the most innovative companies Jerez.
Rafael Balao Lustau sensed that had to be at the forefront of quality. His ideas of combining tradition and innovation worked the way for today Lustau is identified with quality and prestige.

Lustau Solera Reserva range was established based on stocks from its beginnings as Lustau Storer. They were joined by a selection of sherries of storage, consisting of very special wines from small wineries, to be offered to select customers. These wines are some of the best Sherries in the area.

Lustau Manzanilla Almacenista Pasada Cuevas Jurado
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  • Lustau Manzanilla Almacenista Pasada Cuevas Jurado
  • Lustau Manzanilla Almacenista Pasada Cuevas Jurado
  • Lustau Manzanilla Almacenista Pasada Cuevas Jurado