Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Clare Valley Riesling 2015


 MJ 100 BEST 2016


Bright white gold appearance, intense floral, spice and lemon aromas capture one’s imagination. Juicy, zesty, lively pear and citrus fruit flavours tingle the palate in the most sensual manner – at once slippery, textural and yet delicate.

2015 vintage resulted in very fine, fresh rieslings that should age for a long time. After an early break to the season and following a cooler than average December and January we had sufficient rainfall to keep canopies green and healthy. With no disease, the grapes ripened at dates that are earlier than ever experienced previously. The other factor for us is the possible influence of organic certification. From applying an organic approach, at least minimal or zero chemical input for around 21 years, organic certification involved just a few changes. This resulted in the vineyards finding balance at somewhat lower crop levels (due mainly to the drop in nitrogen) than in the past. As has been observed by many others, there seems to be better flavour at a lower beaume following ‘conversion’ to organics. The result of the combined conditions were fully ripe fruit with high natural acidities.

The grapes were hand-picked from the Mount Horrocks single vineyard in Auburn, Clare Valley and gently handled under conditions that ensured the varietal and site-specific flavours in the resultant wine were retained.`Cordon Cut` refers to a unique, risky process that involves cutting the canes when the grapes are ripe, allowing the remaining fruit to concentrate and raisin naturally on the vine. This results in intense flavour and richness.

All the grapes were hand picked at the end of April. Stephanie’s experience came into play once again, as the fermentation of fruit in five separate fermentation vats was halted when she determined the flavour to be right. Considerable residual sugar remained, with 156 grams per litre.

11% abv

Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Clare Valley Riesling 2015
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  • Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Clare Valley Riesling 2015