Nonino Grappa Monovtigno Il Moscato



Elegant, aromatic, soft and sensual with the perfume of roses, thyme and vanilla.

Drunk, sipped or lingered over at the end of a meal or at any moment of the day it is a source of real pleasure! With respect to an aromatic variety, it can be added to enhance all cream cakes, cream in general (both crème anglaise and whipped cream) and ice-cream. It is excellent on a fresh fruit salad or in a sorbet.

In stainless steel tanks under vacuum and in a controlled temperature enviroment, followed immediately by distillation in order to avoid harmful secondary fermentations.

Artisanal Distillation:
Batch method with the removal of the heads and the tails in special artisanal batch steam stills renovated by Benito Nonino. The distillation happens very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the perfumes, a proper evaporation period and subsequent condensation, in order to keep intact the precious organoleptic characteristics of the chosen vine varieties.


41% abv

Nonino  Grappa Monovtigno  Il Moscato
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  • Nonino  Grappa Monovtigno  Il Moscato