Omrah Sauvignon Blanc 2014



Open Omrah Sauvignon Blanc and discover intense gooseberry and passion fruit overlying subtle dried herb characters. A zesty palate presents bright, clear citrus and pure acidity. A fine and restrained wine that illustrates a season of lower alcohol and great freshness.

The fruit for this wine was sourced predominantly from Omrah`s Mount Barker vineyards in Rosetta and Hayview with 15% from International Hill vineyard, in the Frankland region. All vineyards grow on gravel loam soils, are irrigated, spur pruned, vertically grown and canopy managed.

Overall the Great Southern saw an excellent growing season and 2014 harvest. The season was characterised initially by unseasonally strong winds leading to some slight inflorescence damage. These conditions subsided in the two weeks prior to flowering however and much of the Great Southern saw good fruit set. Later in the season the region saw particularly dry conditions with very little rainfall in the two months leading in to harvest. A typically strong diurnal temperature effect was observed, with cold nights and warm days providing a long, uniform slow ripening period. The 2014 harvest period will go down as one of the most seamless, with a nice steady stream of fruit coming into the winery at peak ripeness. Clearly defined harvest breaks between varieties afforded an ability to stand back, make clear decisions and execute them well. Sauvignon Blanc from the 2014 vintage is intense and pure.

Cold, quick, gentle processing is the philosophy at Omrah for Sauvignon Blanc. The clean juice was racked off the lees after four days settling and innoculated with a couple of different strains of yeast that cope with cool fermentation temperatures. 20% of the wine was barrel fermented and left on its lees for six weeks to enhance mouth feel and complexity without sacrificing fruit integrity and intensity. The wine was filtered and bottled in early September.

13.5% abv

Omrah Sauvignon Blanc 2014
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  • Omrah Sauvignon Blanc 2014