Planeta Alastro 2016



Pale straw with hints of green reflections.
This is an austere and polite wine with aromas of ripe white melon and white peach Etna, followed by sweet, almost white chocolate and meringue flavours and hints of minerality. 
The palate is thin and unexpectedly soft. A nice acidity enhances the freshness. Floral notes on the finish.


12.5% abv

Ideal with sea food first courses, with shell fish and with light soups based on vegetables or with fish soups. Sicilian suggestions include: couscous with vegetables, soup with tenerumi (fresh green leaves), pasta with broccoli, stuffed artichokes, fiore sicano cheese, baked ricotta, pasta with Pachino tomatoes, timbal of capellini pasta, vegetable soup with potatoes, pesce curcato (fresh fish from Sciacca cooked whole). Pairings suggested by restaurant ‘Don Camillo’ in Syracuse: cavati (home-made pasta) with pistachios from Bronte and strips of cuttlefish in black sauce.

Planeta Alastro 2016
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  • Planeta Alastro 2016