Quinta do Infantado Vintage Port 2011


  • Gold - International Wine Challenge 2014

Deep, almost opaque, ruby in colour, with black cherries, plums and dark chocolate perfumes on the nose. On the palate the wine is fresh, fruity and spicy, beautifully balanced by round, ripe tannins. The finish is medium-dry, with fine, delicate perfumes of warm, ripe fruit.

All the Quinta do Infantado vineyards are class A (the best in the Douro Valley). The grapes for the Vintage port are grown in the Serra Douro, Serra de Baixo and Castelos vineyards, covering six, one and a half, and three hectares respectively. Soils here are schistous.

The best vintage for Port in the last 20 years! July and August were marked by dry weather, and late August rain showers offered just the right relief for the vines. 2011 reaffirmed the belief that in the Douro, a vintage is created in the last three months of the grape-growing season. Harvest took place under perfect blue skies.

The grapes were picked by hand and not destemmed before fermentation. Treading was by foot in the traditional lagars, a hallmark of Quinta do Infantado wines. Fermentation is longer at Infantado, producing drier wines. Fermentation was stopped by the addition of 77% wine brandy, after which the wine aged for 20 months in 100 year old wooden casks. The brandy component is only 15% in the Infantado wines, whereas the average Port is about 20%. This gives a finer, less searing finish to the wine.

19.5% abv


Quinta do Infantado Vintage Port 2011
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  • Quinta do Infantado Vintage Port 2011