Valdespino Amontillado Tio Diego NV



An intense amber colour. The nose shows notes of both the biological and oxidative ageing, yeast, bread, but also dried fruits and a hint of toffee, caramel and leather. Very dry, very complex, with a generous body and well balanced acidity.

Valdespino's single vineyard (Pago) Macharnudo Alto is located five kilometres to the north-west of Jerez, in the privileged area of High Jerez. It is at 135 metres above sea level, with a south-east aspect and a 10 % gradient. The white 'albariza' soil is typical of Jerez DO, and comes from a layer of earth rich in marine fossils. Thanks to the high content of calcium carbonate, its clayey texture does not split; it is soft when wet and absorbs rain like a sponge, and when it dries out it forms a layer that holds in the water, preventing evaporation. This reserve of moisture encourages the vine roots to develop, some reaching to more than four metres depth, allowing them to use this water reserve when needed.

Fermentation takes place in 600 litre American oak barrels. The fermentation temperature is controlled by not filling the barrels completely, then adding cooled grape must when necessary, to moderate the temperature. Once fermentation is finished, when 11_x001A_13% alcohol is reached, the wine is fortified to 15% and the veil of 'flor' (yeast) appears on the wine's surface, protecting it from oxygen and transforming its components. The new wine 'Sobretabla' spends one year in barrel before being transferred to the 'Solera of Tio Diego' for fractional blending. It spends eight to ten years ageing biologically, during which time around 50% of the 'flor' dies. It is then fortified to 18%, and ages oxidatively for a further six years, in the ten 'criadera' solera system. The average age of the final Sherry is over 14 years. The Tio Diego Amontillao is in essence an oxidised Fino Innocente. 

18% abv

Valdespino Amontillado Tio Diego NV
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