Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 VOS



    • Silver - Sommelier Wine Awards 2014

An intense mahogany colour. Notes of rich dried fruits, nuts and caramel. Smooth and full bodied on the palate with excellent length.

The vineyard is located in Jerez. The white 'albariza' soil is typical of the region, and comes from a layer of earth rich in marine fossils. Thanks to the high content of calcic carbonate, its clayey texture does not split; it is soft when wet and absorbs rain like a sponge, and when it dries out it forms a layer that holds in the water, preventing evaporation. This reserve of moisture encourages the vine roots to develop, some reaching to more than four metres depth, allowing them to use this water reserve when needed.

Fermentation takes place in 600 litre American oak barrels. Once fermentation is finished, when 11_x001A_13% alcohol is reached, the Oloroso is then it is fortified to 20%, and allowed to age 100% oxidatively. It is aged in a solera system for fractional blending. The 8 - 10% of Pedro Ximenez is blended in at the half way point of its over 20 year ageing process, and then it is sent back to the solera. The finished wine has a average age of over 20 years. The added Pedro Ximenez accounts for the 50-60g/l of residual sugar.

21% abv

Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 VOS
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  • Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 VOS