Valentin Bianchi Enzo 2013



The rich varietal flavour of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape aged in new oak results in a balanced, velvety wine of good body and prominent character that makes it distinct. Excellent concentration of ripe fruit on the nose and palate, with a lingering concoction of cassis, chocolate, cherry and black pepper.

The Cabernet and Petit Verdot grapes for Enzo are grown on the Asti Estate in Las Paredes, situated seven kilometres west of the city of San Rafael, Mendoza, at 750m above sea level. This area is among the coolest areas of San Rafael, with sandy calcareous soils of alluvial origin. The Malbec grapes come from the Dona Elsa vineyard in Rama Caida, an equally cool area with similar soils.


14.5% abv
Valentin Bianchi Enzo 2013
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  • Valentin Bianchi Enzo 2013